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General and Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Fort McMurray

Peter Pond Dental Clinic in Fort McMurray offers a wide range of general and cosmetic dental procedures to patients in our community. We also offer FREE consultations and IMMEDIATE appointments for patients with dental emergencies. Call our clinic today for help or to schedule your dental appointment.

45 Years

Dental Services

General Dentistry

We offer white fillings and root canal treatment. We also provide therapy for deeply decayed teeth to avoid root canals.

Teeth Cleaning

Healthy, clean teeth can not only enhance your personality but also help you feel confident in social settings. At our dental clinic, we have an experienced and friendly hygiene staff that can provide professional teeth cleaning services in a comfortable environment. We are looking to cater to your dental needs in the best way possible, and hence, we also offer walk-in or short-notice teeth cleaning services. Call us!

Located on the second floor in the Peter Pond Shopping Mall

Schedule an Appointment

Call or drop by our office today to schedule your next dentist appointment.

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